A demanding market requires dramatic marketing and a LEADING EDGE approach.

01 The Real Estate Decision

It is a big decision. It is usually tied to an even bigger event in a family’s life. Whether you are moving closer to town or farther, into a bigger home or smaller, saying “good bye” or “hello” to the neighborhood, the successful close of a real estate transaction moves you one step closer to your goals, one step closer to what is best for your family.

I understand that.

I know that behind the stress of the real estate transaction lays the more important issue of how its success will affect your most valuable asset; your loved ones and the goals you have for your life.

My job

My job is to come beside you and give you my expertise and hard work, so you can get to that next great goal.

02 Real Estate Know How

You will want to know the facts of the current market, not just for the county or the city, but for your neighborhood specifically. Your realtor needs to be an expert at valuation and needs to be well versed in the statistics impacting the sale of your home.

Reliable Market Reporting

My market report was endorsed by one of the County’s leading real estate statisticians – Steven Thomas, a frequent contributor to the Orange County Register. He said, “I really like what you are doing and it makes you stand out among your peers… You ARE the expert in your area and that is the point. Great job, Tom!” -2012

I have a successful record of analyzing data to the benefit of those I’ve worked for in three different disciplines – Motion Picture production, Manufacturing and Real Estate. My market reports, focused on individual neighborhoods, are unparalleled for detail and comprehensive analysis.

03 The Hard Work

Your home needs to be marketed using the very best methods known. Real Estate marketing practices have lagged behind the great advancements made in modern marketing knowhow. It used to be a good-old-boy network of who you knew. Now, statistics overwhelmingly prove that sellers do better when their home is exposed to more eyes, move views and more potential buyers.


That means Real Estate must take advantage of technology, and specifically video. I have been doing full-production real estate videos for years. When I produce a property video, I send it out where it can be seen around the world, and I track its popularity. I do that because I have seen buyers fly in from across the world to see a home because they saw the video. This is the high standard of marketing that Fortune 500 companies invest in, and this is the level of marketing your home deserves.

A Time Tested System

Furthermore, I emphasize the time-tested and proven real estate marketing techniques, such as multiple and frequent open houses, staging and photography.

Commitment to this level of 360 degree marketing takes a lot of work. But, again, that is what your home deserves. That is what best serves your goals.

04 The Real Estate Deal

You need to know you are protected by years of experience and a team of experts. Beyond my experience stand experts with hundreds of years of collective experience and expertise in property sales and negotiation, real estate law, title and escrow.

A Trusted Team

Keller Williams ‘Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda market center’, in 2012, became the fastest growing location in the company’s 30 year history worldwide, and the fastest growing real estate office in Orange County among ALL major brands as measured by Trendgraphix, Inc. an independent data measurement company.

05 The Reword and Moving On

The end goal is to sell your home at the best possible price in the time frame that works for you and your goals. I never lose sight of that. The big goal is not the sale of the home. It is what the successful sale of the home takes you to.