Shout! Don’t whisper.

When we decide to put a home on the market, it is as if we become the CEO of a company whose sole product is this one fantastic property. And, as the guy in charge, it is our responsibility to decide how that single awesome product will be marketed. We have got one...

First Principles

I have a lofty and perhaps swollen opinion about the role of the real estate agent. That a country’s land should be owned by its citizenry, is a concept not shared by many countries throughout history the world over.  But it is an ideal fundamental to American...

About Me

I like real estate for its higher purposes.  I enjoy working in a field that, when served correctly, tends to improve not just my clients’ lives, but spreads good will cross the neighborhood.

I like people and I like taking care of people.  I love helping.   It makes me proud to lend expertise and hard work to a situation where I am needed, to support someone and see them through.